React JS Markdown Editor

By utilising Facebook's React framework, and using Marked JS, a tool to edit and create markdown text.

Exercise Unlimited

Everything started with a New York Times article, now it's the how new exercise routine, HIIT, 7 minutes exercise. Come, Sweat!

Tomato Timer

Tomato timer is a study technique developed by an Italian student at the time. Simple formula (25 + 5) x 4.

Tic Tac Toe

A rudimentary programming feat, tic-tac-toe game. Computer uses random algorithm atm. Will get back with MiniMax.

Habit Extinguisher

Did you quit? When, this app tracks the time elapsed since the time that you quit and gives you estimates.

Simon Memory Game

A throwback to classic memory game Simon®. You can win in this version if you strike 20!

Quote Generator

JSON data pull and interpret in clientside. If you like chuck norris, you'll love this one.

Weather App

Simple weather app, you might need to adjust our browser settings though.

Gears Machines Guns

A Clicker game, very early in development. Inspired by Cookie Clicker and Factorio? Yeah I don't know either.

Wikipedia Search Engine

I am calling it, "Seeking Owl". Some reason, none related enough.

React JS FCC Leaderboard

A dynamic freecodecamp leaderboards using React JS. This project also uses axios to fetch the dynamic data.

Twitch Stream Checker

Does anyone watch livestream games anymore, yes? Then this might be a helpful notification engine. Naw really, it is just a json example. Can't see a real world application of it.

Short Stories

Thrilling interactive stories. Experience the story as if it were being told directly to you, control and pace the storytelling to your liking.

Javascript Calculator

Simple calculator app, modeled after famous Canon Palmtronic. Can make chain operations and stuff.

Phandelver Quest Translation

You play D&D? In Turkish? Then this quest is for you. Full name of the quest: Lost Mine of Phandelver